1: In love with my new grey sweater. I stole my boyfriends blouse to wear it underneath.  2: New launch! Caudalie is comming to Holland. More about that soon. 3: As a new mom, it's not obvious to wear a full make-up face every day. So when it's possible I take my changes!
 4: Fri-yay! 5: My favorite masks of the moment! One for the glow and one to purify the skin. 6: How cute is this picture? Jolie with her friend.

7: My Chanel collection.. love it! 8+9 Dinner with Lancome!
10: Cutie. 11: Walking around in the snow 12: She is so adorable!
13: #babyspam 14: Lancome Diner 15: My new Sweater.
 16+17 Another new sweater! Love it. Half of my closet is in this color as u might know already. 18: Quote.
19: waiting for family at Schiphol! With little Jolie and a friend. 20: Baby shoplog! 21: OOTD


IDM newborn fotografie