Chanel is launching a new collection for summer 2017 and it's gorgeous as always!
I would like to show you the nail polishes of this collection.

The colors are inspired by natural landscapes. A palette of warm
colors, as if the sunlight strokes over it, reveals his warm, nude  and
peach nuances, sublimated by full and intense source tones. Green accents,
a delicate blue-gray and glossy coral tones create shades reminiscent of a glorious sunset.

The coral and pink shades can be worn separately or together. They provide
all of that holiday feeling, glamor and summery cheerfulness: Coquillage (2)
is a bold pastel orange, Coralium (3) is a sensual pastel coral shade soft pastel pink. Sargasso (1)provides the final touch: a gray lacquer blue-green sheen, which the tanned complexion by its freshness makes beautiful finish.

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