Sisley has a new fragrance. I love the gorgeous bottle!

The Izia story began in Poland, in the exceptionally refined surrounding of Lançut Castle. There was a magnificent rose garden near the tennis court that Isabelle d’Ornano, creator of Izia and matriarch of the family that owns Sisley, wanted to reproduce at her home in the Loire Valley.
She planted many different types of roses that grew and gained in potency. Amongst these roses was one that was particularly beautiful, adorned with flecks of gold. It was proud and capricious, climbing high and only flowering once a year for a short time. For years, Isabelle d’Ornano made bouquets with this rose. When mixed with other flowers, its fragrance overpowered all others.
One day, Isabelle d’Ornano decided she had to create a fragrance based on this flower to capture its ephemeral scent. This rose would be the starting point for a new fragrance.
She brought a bouquets to perfumer, Amandine Clerc-Marie, to help bring Izia to life. Amandine worked with Isabelle to recreate the smell of the bouquet, including its fresh, citrus notes, its elegance, and its floral power. To enhance the Rose scent, she chose the glow of pink pepper, bergamot, and aldehydes, a powerful, ethereal floral heart, combined with the warmth of cedar, amber, and musks.   

Fragrance can often evoke memories and emotions so naturally Isabelle d’Ornano thought about whom she would like to present this fragrance to if they were still around. First, Mogens Twede and his wife, Dolly Radziwill, Isabelle's aunt. Dolly was truly one of a kind, friends with Coco Chanel, Misia Sert, and Prince Yusupov. Second, their friend Alex Rzewuski, who designed many sets for the Ballets Russes.

They are with Izia in spirit and give it its resolutely modern touch. As she says: 
"Fashion is an eternal cycle"
That is why she wanted a young, slightly pop art design for the image.       

         Isabelle’s daughter Christine suggested the artist Quentin Jones. Her surrealist, rock and roll style, mixed with the romantic inspiration behind Izia pleased her immediately. Isabelle d’Ornano, who had always appreciated collage and cut-out work and was a keen collector of contemporary art with a fondness for mixing styles, found the idea original and modern. And because Izia is also a family affair, Isabelle d’Ornano chose the mysterious, modern beauty of her redheaded niece, Sonia, whose family comes from the very castle where it all began, Lançut, to embody the Izia spirit.
Bronislaw Krzysztof, sculptor and friend of Isabelle d’Ornano, designed the Izia bottle. He suggested the unusual design of two glass sculptures leaning against each other. A dynamic and modern shape, with the pink glass catching the light and creating flickering shimmers in the fragrance, recalling the sunny heart of the original flower.

€81,(30 ml) €113 (50ml) €180 (100ml)


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