Me and my Chanel addiction.. specially when it comes so toiletries for in my bathroom.
Creating my little Chanel spa ;)
Now Chanel has this new launch: The Chance eau Vive. It's so lovely. 
Some fragrances can be quit heavy so I like these kind of products because they smell a bit softer and more powdery. Yes.. welcome to the family!

Wake up with Chance Eau Vive and a morning ritual that fills you with a sense of well-being. Start the day with energy, bathed in the subtle scent of the Foaming Shower Gel and the Body Moisture — two new bodycare products with boundless vitality and a fl oral-zesty fragrance that blends
the grapefruit-blood orange accord with jasmine and the cedar-iris accord.


A fresh and vivifying gel to make your bath or shower a moment of wellbeing. Its a fine, light foam gently cleanses with an energizing sensation for skin that is soft and delicately scented.


A fresh, light lotion to prolong the vivifying scent of Chance Eau Vive
on the skin throughout the day. Its exquisitely luscious texture leaves skin
satiny soft and subtly bathed in the delicate scent of fl oral-zesty notes.


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